Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

1 Nov

That’s the perfect way to start a song (Sympathy for the Devil for the imbeciles out there), therefore it is the perfect way to start a blog.

In the summer of 1998, I was standing on a bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas with my assistant coach. The heat bore down as we watched the sewage flow through the ditch beneath our feet. Our struggling team was taking batting practice as we attempted to make out a decent line-up. It was a miserable day in the middle of a miserable season, and suddenly it hit me. As I watched the crap flow by I said, “We are surrounded by imbeciles and wallowing in mediocrity.” Hence, the name of the blog.

Life has changed dramatically in the 13 years since that “profound” statement. I stopped coaching at the end of that season and pursued a graduate degree. For the past decade, I have taught history at a small, private university in Tennessee. This blog will be a synopsis my life in academia and whatever else I can think of. It’s funny though. Things change but also stay the same. At times, I still feel that I am “surrounded by imbeciles”. Of course, history proves that they have always been around.

By the way, (for the imbeciles out there) the heading photo is not of scenery in Tennessee. That is Monument Valley, which sits in the Navajo Nation in the American southwest. It is my favorite picture of my favorite place. In the future, I may tell you why.

Happy Blog Browsing!

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