Game Night

12 Nov

I just spent a fun evening with my girlfriend and her daughter. They invited me to their house to eat homemade chili and have a “game night”. They supplied the food, because I’m not good when it comes to food, and I supplied the games. Most of the games at my house are of the adult variety, so I bought a few today. The selection included Trouble (always a favorite), Guesstures (which I had never played before), Pictionary (which I have played a few times), and Disney Trivial Pursuit (one that I already had because an ex-girlfriend could never beat me at the regular one).

I have never been married and do not have kids, and that led my girlfriend to worry about how this would go. Before I met her daughter, she kept talking about how they would stress me out and run me off. I tried to explain to her that I get along with kids very well. Heck, I’m a big kid myself. I thought it best not to tell her that I have dated people with kids before, and those kids all loved me. I was afraid that it would make her worry more. After all, those kids became close to me, and I am no longer in their lives.

It is probably hard to understand, but I feel that I have had several “families” in my life. I have gotten close to several kids but their moms and I ended up breaking up. I miss them all even though I don’t miss their moms that much. Is that what divorce is like? I’m sure it’s not. In fact, the pain I have felt when I realize I will never see someone again makes me realize that people being separated from their children must be unbearable.

This is a rambling post and completely got off track from where I was headed. Several of my posts have had dark or sarcastic tones, and I meant for this one to be fun and positive. Must be the mood I am in a the moment.

At any rate, game night was fun, and I hope that we have more in the future.

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