I Would Like to Thank the Blogademy

5 Mar

You thought the awards season was over with the commendations of the entertainment world’s finest? So did I. But, it looks like us bloggers have our own presentations to make. Thankfully. Shockingly. Luckily. Surrounded by Imbeciles has been recognized for excellence in blogcasting. Actually, that’s probably not the reason, but it was fun to write.

To complete the acceptance process, I can skip the formal speech where I name everyone I ever knew and inevitably forget someone and simply follow an established set of rules.

1. I need to thank the presenter, and I can never thank Snobbery enough. Through her busy schedule of reading, writing, and raising kids, she has also found the time to promote this blog. Without a doubt, the hits would not be coming without her support.

2. I need to link the presenter, so check out the Snobby One and her creative posts. She recently changed the look of her domain, so be sure to tell her it looks good. Although, her old color of orange is my favorite.

3. I need to copy and paste the award which I gratefully accept. Receiving the Liebster Blog Award is the highlight of my life. As Sally Field said, “You like me, right now, you like me!”

You would think I could figure out how to center it.

4. I need to give the Liebster Blog Award to five blogs with less than 200 followers that I believe deserve recognition and more followers. This will be the hardest part because I don’t know what blogs have what followers. With that in mind, I award two blogs tonight and will award three blogs at a later date.

The SF Chronicles follows the adventures of a Canadian living in San Francisco. Before her visa runs out, she wants to complete her goal of visiting all of the states. She really wants to visit Nashville, which makes her cool beyond belief. Her writings are witty and insightful. When you check out the Chronicles, be sure to read about her adventures in photography class.

The Old Jewish Woman Who Changed My Life is written by a dude in my neck of the woods. Weird name for a blog, right? Check out his blog to find out why that name was chosen. He is busy being a med student but also finds time to perform good deeds and blogging about them. He also finds time to party in Atlanta with his friends.

So, the Liebster Award continues its journey through the blog world. As Elvis would say, “Thank you. Thank you very much. You’re a fantastic audience.”

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