Viva La Blue Chairs

31 Aug

The blue chairs have returned. Last night, I received a message that something had happened, but I wasn’t sure until I walked into work this morning. Lo and behold, the chairs were in their rightful place. Revolutionaries had struck and undone the work of a so-called interior decorator.

Like many who have fought the establishment, the revolutionaries left their mark. Zorro had the Z. The anarchist in V for Vendettahad the V. The Blue Chair Gang left the upside down 4. Due to potential copyright infringement and further displays of the symbol, I will not reproduce the upside down 4. Just know that it is blue and looks like a stick figure chair.

This representation is as close to the symbol as I am willing to get.

Now that the revolution has begun, I am wondering what will happen next. Will there be a movement for more vending machines? Will there be demands for motion sensor lights that don’t go out during tests? Will people strap themselves to the frisbee golf baskets to protest the need for more holes?

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain. The blue chairs are back.

2 Responses to “Viva La Blue Chairs”


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    […] I realized why getting the blue chairs back was a vital mission. A bunch of the history students used them as a gathering place to study, […]

  2. Blue Chair Bonanza | Surrounded By Imbeciles - October 31, 2014

    […] One semester, we returned to school to find the blue chairs missing. I sent our students on a mission to find them and return them to their rightful place. How dare someone attempt to redecorate without consulting us. It too a few days, but the chairs found their way back. […]

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