Picture This – The Shidoni Gallery

25 Jan


Santa Fe is full of artisans and art galleries. This has made the city a destination for art lovers all over the world. A walk around the plaza is a walk from one impressive gallery to another. Paintings. Sculptures, Jewelry. Pottery. Everything can be found in downtown Santa Fe.

However, my favorite, the Shidoni Gallery, sits on the outskirts of Santa Fe. Anyone who likes metallic art has to turn onto the dirt drive of the gallery and explore the grounds. They will see art and art in the making.

The display room is filled with smaller pieces and serves as an entrance to the pouring room. That’s where everyone can watch liquid metal being poured into molds. Eventually, this metal will cool and turn into something cooler, like the giant skull in the photograph.

The skull sits in the sculpture garden that covers the complex. People can walk through the garden and examine the sculptures up close. They vary from the realistic to the abstract and everything in between. Although there is activity all around, it’s as if you have stepped into another world – a world where nature and art collides to create an unusual combination of beauty.

2 Responses to “Picture This – The Shidoni Gallery”

  1. paintlater January 26, 2013 at 02:48 #

    I love sculpture parks. It combines art and outside. I’ve never heard of this one but there is Storm King near New York that is high on my bucket list. I’ve done some welding but never liquid metal sculpture but would be fun! Ah one day…..

    • Rick January 26, 2013 at 22:54 #

      You should put this one on the list along with the entire city of Santa Fe. Maybe, I’ll see your stuff there one day.

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