Having a Ball

1 Jun

As I sit looking out the back window, I see a lot of things going on out there. The grill cover is faded by the sun. The swing is slightly moving in the breeze. The trees a moving a little more briskly. Usually, there are rabbits or deer roaming around, but they are probably hunkered down in the shade.

It is quiet in the house. I just turned the television off, and the air conditioner is not running at the moment. The only sound is coming from the keys of the laptop. Uh oh, here is one of those pop-ups from Apple. They are always updating.

Shortly, I will have to start getting ready for the big event tonight. It is the Phoenix Ball, a fundraiser for my university. The Phoenix was adopted by the school to symbolize its rising from the ashes of the Civil War, when the original campus was burned. The last time I went to the ball things were definitely burning. That’s the year that the air conditioning cut out. If you have never sweated in a rented tuxedo, then you should try it at your earliest convenience.

Anyway, the members of my town’s social register will be at the ball. I don’t think my name is in the book, but it is important to support the university. There was a kickoff party a few nights ago at a local home. It is called the Patrons’ Party, and there was a lot of patrons. The crowd was good. The weather was good. The libations were good. So, that made for a good evening. Hopefully, the ball will be just as good.

My rented tux is hanging in the closet. When I picked it up, I noticed a long list of names of fellow renters. I tried to get a good look at other people who will be wearing rented clothing. I figured the people not in the social register rent while the people in the social register have their own. That way I would know who the other non-book members are. Of course, if someone comes in with a top hat and cane, then it’s a good bet that they are actually a product mascot.Mr. Peanut

That reminds me. I wonder what kind of food they will have.

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