A Man Walks Into a Bar

26 Jan

It could have been any bar in any town. They all look the same.Bar

There was a guy in the corner playing a guitar and attempting to sing. The speakers were turned up one level too loud because he wanted to be heard over the rest of the noise.

A refugee from the 1980s was grinding on a guy wearing a camouflage cap. She was the type who looked in the mirror and thought she would be the most stylish woman in the bar. Unfortunately, she was a few decades behind.

The bar was tended by a woman with teased platinum blonde hair and a t-shirt designed to get more tips. If someone asked about the wine list she would have replied, “We only have two. Red and white.”

Two men sat at the bar nursing a couple of beers. They looked as if they had been sitting on the stools for years. They eyed the three women who sat at the end of the bar hoping someone would buy them a drink. The two men looking at them were not what they had in mind.

A group of men and women sat at a table by the window. They were dressed better than everyone else and were trying to talk over the music and the din of the crowd. Honestly, they looked out of place. It was as if the bar had taken a downward turn since the last time they were there, and they had not realized it.

Behind them, other men and women sat at another table. It looked as if they had been here every night to see the bar slowly fall into disrepair. They were witnesses to its decline from the jet set to sawdust-covered floors.

As he stood in the doorway, this was the scene that he slowly scanned. He had seen it all before. This was the same door that he had walked into hundreds of times, and these were the same people that he always saw.

However, this scene had one difference. His nemesis – the one he had been searching for – was sitting at the opposite end of the bar with his back to the wall. The man had not lost his touch. He had also not lost any weight. The man was heavier and had grown a beard.

Was it to hide? He doubted it. His old nemesis thought that he was safe and could never be found.

After years of searching places better and worse than this one, he finally proved these ideas to be wrong. Now, everything would be put right.

7 Responses to “A Man Walks Into a Bar”

  1. Andrew Petcher January 26, 2015 at 08:27 #

    There used to be a silly UK comic called Tommy Cooper. One of his jokes was – “A man walked into a bar… he said OUCH”

    • Rick January 26, 2015 at 13:24 #

      It would definitely hurt.

  2. Manu Sudhakar Kurup January 27, 2015 at 18:06 #

    First few paragraphs evoked a chuckle in the end. The last few… anticipation and suspense. Brilliant piece. 🙂

    • Rick January 28, 2015 at 00:30 #

      Thank you very much

  3. Marilyn Armstrong January 27, 2015 at 18:45 #

    Wherein lies a tale … to come?

    • Rick January 28, 2015 at 00:31 #

      We shall see.


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