“If You Could Read My Mind” There’s No Telling What You Would Find

7 Sep

I just listened to the remake of “If You Could Read My Mind” by Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan. It brought to mind a post from the early days of this blog about the original version of this song, and I decided to offer it up one more time.

SBI: A Thinning Crowd

The other day I caught the ending of “Wonderland”, a movie starring Val Kilmer. It chronicles the life of John Holmes, porn legend, and his possible role in a murder/robbery. The ending is the best part of the movie. Holmes and his girlfriend are parked in the desert discussing the future. He then takes off while the movie tells us what the future held for them and others portrayed in the film. All of that is great, but the best part is that Gordon Lightfoot’s “If You Could Read My Mind” was playing over the scene. This was one of my favorite songs as a kid and like it to this day. I even saw Lightfoot in concert just to hear this one song live.

When I was young, my favorite songs were ones I could visualize. I could see the guy trying to frantically check out of the “Hotel…

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2 Responses to ““If You Could Read My Mind” There’s No Telling What You Would Find”

  1. Bantering Ram September 15, 2015 at 03:24 #

    Gordon Lightfoot. Hmm…that’s a memory I’d like to revisit.

    • Rick September 15, 2015 at 04:40 #

      He created some good stuff.

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