A Tale of Four Quarterbacks

8 Feb

Last night, Peyton Manning played in what may have been his last football game. A few years ago, I wrote this story about witnessing his first college football game.

SBI: A Thinning Crowd

This week marks the beginning of college football season, which means that I will be driving to Knoxville for another opening game for the University of Tennessee. This made me think about past seasons and other opening games. Then, I realized that it was 20 years ago that the Volunteers had one of their most interesting starts.

In 1994, Larry and I flew to Pasadena, California to watch the Big Orange play UCLA at the Rose Bowl. A few things about that trip stand out.

Our room overlooked Colorado Boulevard, the main route of the Rose Bowl Parade. It is too bad that we were there in September.

The temperature was super hot. It felt more like Tennessee temperatures than what you would find in southern California.

A man and his son brought their luggage to the game. Apparently, they did not have time to go to the hotel. They…

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2 Responses to “A Tale of Four Quarterbacks”

  1. sittingpugs February 10, 2016 at 13:12 #

    Again, a post that could be a movie.

    • Rick February 10, 2016 at 15:22 #


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