I Forgot That Today Was the Day

2 Nov

I opened up my account to see what was going on and found the Congratulations message from the folks at WordPress. I had forgotten that today was the day. A lot of posts have been written over the lifespan of this blog. According to my stats, 837 have been published. Actually, more than 837 have been published, but I deleted a few of them upon further review.

One of those posts was Freshly Pressed. It was about movies that end with someone riding off into the sunset. One out of 837. Man, that is not a very good percentage. However, I can always say that I was Freshly Pressed. Of course, those people who do not blog have no idea what that means. Heck, I did not know what it meant when it happened.

I do not write as much as I once did. Busy days, man. Busy days. Despite that drop off, blogging has been a fun experience. A lot of words have left my brain, and I have met a lot of great people. Everyone should blog at some point in their life.

I think I will celebrate this anniversary by composing a post. Wait, I just did that.

5 Responses to “I Forgot That Today Was the Day”

  1. Marilyn Armstrong November 2, 2017 at 00:59 #

    Congratulations. I’ve been following you a long time now. Years, I think.

    Do they even give the “freshly pressed” award any more? I don’t think they do.

    • Rick November 2, 2017 at 01:42 #

      I have not seen one in a while. They probably did away with that. We have been following each other for a long time now. Thanks for that.

  2. Andrew Petcher November 2, 2017 at 10:36 #

    I have posted 3,793 times and never been FP’d

    • Rick November 3, 2017 at 02:27 #

      Do they still Freshly Press?

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