Real Journal v. Online Journal

23 Feb

For my 50th birthday, my wife gifted me with a journal. I have dedicated myself to write in it each day and have faithfully done that since November. I say that because this blog used to be my journal. I wrote as often as I could, and, hopefully, a lot of good stuff has been posted on here.

Obviously, my writing on this blog has slowed down considerably. Once, words flowed onto the screen. Now, they are a slow and dying trickle. I suppose that a few factors have gone into that.

Life got hectic, and I got out of the habit of writing.

I ran out of stuff that readers may find interesting. The last thing I wanted was a boring blog.

Whatever the reason, I can tell you that typing words is a lot easier than writing them out. There are times when I get going in the journal that my hands begin to cramp. Of course, that could be because I press into paper relatively hard when I write.

I have no idea where this is going other than to say that I am not doing justice to this blog. The blogging fire has somewhat been extinguished. My creativity has lagged. The information that I used to think was interesting to readers does not seem that interesting anymore.

Has this blog run its course? I hope not. I hope that I get back into the groove with posts that people may like to read. As of this moment, I am not really sure. I only know that the journal sitting on my desk has jumped ahead of the journal that is on this screen.

2 Responses to “Real Journal v. Online Journal”

  1. Bantering Ram February 25, 2019 at 05:02 #

    Take your time, Rick. Don’t force it.

    • Rick February 25, 2019 at 19:22 #

      Thanks. It will come naturally.

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