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When I Am Elected King…

4 Sep

Throwing chewing gum on the ground will be a federal offense.

Gambling will be legalized in every state.

John Wayne’s birthday will be a holiday, and everyone will be required to watch one of his movies.

People will be required to read at least one book per year.

Time will not fall back or spring ahead. It will stay the same throughout the year.

It's good to be the king.

It’s good to be the king.

Everyone will have the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon.

Country music singers will be required to stand behind a microphone to sing. Willie Nelson never jumped around, and they don’t have to, either.

AC/DC will play at my coronation.

American history will be a required area of study at all levels of education.

My motorcade will consist entirely of Camaros.

Smokey and the Bandit will be shown in theaters throughout the land.

Nick Saban will be banned from coaching college football.

The word “coupon” will be stricken from the English language.

When you slide your credit card into the gas pump, it will not ask you any other questions.

Hot Tamales will be the official candy of the nation.

I will let everyone know what has been going on at Area 51.

After all of that, I will get to work.

No Idea Whatsoever

4 Jun

I have no idea what to blog about this evening. Nothing funny has happened over the weekend. I have no profound thoughts to expound to the world. There is not a list that I find fascinating enough to create. It seems that I have come to a stumbling block in my blogging path. I have noticed while perusing WordPress that a lot of people write about absolutely nothing, but I determined a long time ago that I would not resort to that. I want this space to have meaning, or at least have meaning to me.

However, here I sit writing about absolutely nothing, and I am not happy about it. So, here are a few things.

I just watched the season finale of Game of Thrones. It was pretty awesome, In fact, I liked it better than last week’s episode that everyone said was the episode-to-end-all-episodes. Now, I am watching Devil in a Blue Dress, a Denzel Washington movie from 1995 that has a great soundtrack. A few of the cuts from the album are:

“West Side Baby” by T-Bone Walker

“Good Rockin’ Tonight” by Wynonie Harris

“Chica Boo” by Lloyd Glenn

You may recognize “Good Rockin’ Tonight” because it was covered by Elvis. No last name needed. Wouldn’t it be cool to be famous enough to be known by one name? Elvis. Madonna. Fabio. You can’t put a price on that kind of fame. I saw on a site dedicated to blog tips that a picture should always be included. It makes the page look better and breaks up the reading. I will type in one-named celebrities and see what comes up.

Now, there is a real threesome. Takes me back to the glory days of the 80s, the days of parachute pants and my Camaro Z-28. Man, those were the days. I would cruise the Main and make my turns at Kroger and Sonic. Speaking of Sonic, I wrote a post about that place a long time ago, and I still haven’t gotten a good answer to my question.

There are other questions that I would like to know the answer to. For instance,

What was in the case in Ronin?

What was in the case in Pulp Fiction?

You know what? I know what was in them. They were filled with McGuffin’s, something used to drive a plot. That shouldn’t be confused with McGuffey’s Readers, books used for almost 100 years to teach kids how to read. The stories usually had a Biblical theme which kind of blew the old separation of church and state thing out the window.

Speaking of windows, I believe that I am reaching my window of opportunity to end this rambling post about nothing. If you made it this far, then I congratulate you. Next time, I will write a post about something.