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I’ll Take Two Plastic Parrots

13 Jun

Last night, I was flipping through the channels when I came upon an interesting commercial. It was trying to get people to buy Chatty Patty, a plastic parrot that repeats what it hears.

Notice that it sits on a plastic limb, too.

Notice that it sits on a plastic limb, too.

This was the strangest commercial ever. People were talking into this parrot, and it was saying stuff back to them. This thing offers something to everyone.

For the people who can’t get their kids to clean their rooms, Chatty Patty can tell them to do it.

For the people who have low self-esteem, Chatty Patty can give them compliments.

For the construction worker who wants to whistle to a woman, Chatty Patty can whistle and take the blame.

Chatty Patty is truly a must have for everyone. In fact, if you buy one Chatty Patty, then you can get a second one for free. That’s what everyone needs. Two plastic parrots. However, this two plastic parrot made me think of something.

What happens if you have two of them in a room and you whisper something to one of them? Will one Chatty Patty repeat the other Chatty Patty? And, if the second Chatty Patty mimics the first one does the first one repeat it again?

I really think this would lead to Chatty Patty Infinity. They would say the same thing to each other forever and ever. It could be the torture technique of the future.