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Haiku Because I Could Not Think of Anything Else

4 Jan

I feel the need to write, but I do not know what to write. I could delve into the mind of my iPod, but that has been done a lot. I could explore wisdom in movies, but those posts take longer than you might imagine.

It has been a while since I wrote some haiku. Maybe that is the thing to do.

Watched American

Werewolf in London. It starred

Jenny Agutter.

Jenny Agutter

also starred in Logan’s Run,

an awesome movie.

Inservice today.

School has begun. Man, time flies

when you’re having fun.

Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold.

Colder. Coldest. Cold. Cold. Cold.

Freezing. It’s freezing.

Twitter is angry.

Everyone’s mad about

something. It gets old.

The Titans made the

playoffs. It’s a miracle.

Music City style.

We have Alexa.

Wait, we have two Alexa.

Plurally proper?

Poetry from the Bottom of the Barrel

13 Nov

It has happened again. I have run out of ideas to put on this blog. This happens more often than it did in the early days of Surrounded by Imbeciles. Back then, my mind was filled with stuff to write about. Now, I have to wait until inspiration strikes.Lightning

With nothing substantial in mind, I have decided to do what I have seen on other blogs.


These haiku do not have a theme. They are going to be typed as they form in my brain.

Treadmill treadmill go.

Treadmill treadmill go faster.

Treadmill treadmill stop.


You know what they say.

Rock n’ Roll has got to go.

Rock will never die.


Monument Valley

Is at the top of this page.

Great place to visit.


Blogging addiction.

I think I have it. Maybe.

Detox not needed.


James Bond – Double O

Seven. Goldfinger is the

best James Bond movie.


This is the West, sir.

When legend becomes fact, print

The legend. Got it?


Today was test day.

Multiple choice. A, B, C

Or D. No E’s please.


Cold weather is here.

Wind blowing. Mist coming down.

How long until Spring?


At the bottom of

Barrel. This post feels that way.

Dirty down in here.


Elvis. Jerry Lee.

Chuck Berry. Little Richard.

Real revolution.


Light dark light dark light.

Dark light dark light dark light dark.

The off and on switch.


Whatever happened

To that guy who disappeared.

You know the one, right?


History repeats.

The lessons are always the

Same. Broken record.


Comments are welcome.

What do you think this haiku

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