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Movie Wisdom – Dean Jones Edition

4 Sep

I read with great sadness about the death of Dean Jones. He was Disney’s go to guy for live action movies in the 1960s and 1970s. Some of the movies I saw in their first run, and others I saw in their second. Disney has always had a habit of releasing their movies to a new generation of audiences. Great marketing that is.

Anyway, Dean always played the mild-mannered lead who found himself in funny predicaments. At the end, he always fixed the issues and saved the day.

In honor of Dean Jones, here are words of wisdom that can be found in his films.Dean Jones

From Jailhouse Rock

Do unto others as they would do unto you, only do it first.

There comes a time when you gotta take a hand in things.

From That Darn Cat!

Lie down on the floor, there’s usually more air down there.

From Blackbeard’s Ghost

Beware all wenches.

From The Love Bug

Everything explains itself one way or the other.

Money serves to ease the pain.

From Beethoven

Words for parts of the body make very good names.

Dogs obey so much better than children.

From Clear and Present Danger

It’s always a friend who hates you most.