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Seeing Stars Once Again

18 Jun

A long time ago, I wrote a post about seeing famous people around town. It’s something that happens around here, and it happened again today.

My fiance and I were roaming around Nashville and went to Green Hills Mall, which sits in one of the more affluent parts of town. On the way, we were talking about Nicole Kidman, who has a residence here. Anyway, we made our way to the mall. She was browsing as I was playing with my phone. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed someone walk around the corner.

That’s when I turned to my fiance and said, “Speak of the devil.”

It was Nicole Kidman, the very person who we had been talking about. My fiance glanced up and continued shopping. I continued to play around with my phone. Essentially, we did everything we could not to stare. That was hard because the famous actress stopped right behind us to text someone.

Still, we were not going to gawk, and we were not alone. The people working the counter didn’t stare. The other shoppers didn’t stare. Although, I know they all wanted to. That’s not the way things are done around here. There are no paparazzi.Paparazzi

We leave stars alone to shop, eat, and whatever else they do. We wouldn’t want people staring at us every time we went out, and it’s only courteous that we don’t stare at them. I think that’s why famous people can be readily seen in Nashville. They are comfortable here because they can be regular for a while.

However, I must admit that when she turned her head and walked off we watched her leave. No matter how polite we want to be, it’s difficult to completely ignore Nicole Kidman.

Seeing Stars

25 May

Last night, I was having dinner at a local Mexican restaurant when I looked across the patio and saw someone who I recognized. It wasn’t an old friend or acquaintance. It was Gretchen Wilson, a singer who has gained a modicum of fame. I didn’t think much about it, and it seemed that the other diners didn’t think much about it either. However, it gave me an idea for a blog post.

One of the great aspects of Nashville is that you can see someone famous almost anywhere you go. A greater aspect is that those famous people do not get harassed by fans or paparazzi. They do their thing while non-famous Nashvillians do theirs. For example, if you want to see Vince Gill, then all you have to do is go to a Belmont University basketball game. Kenny Chesney shows up each time the University of Tennessee has a game in town. Once, I sat in front of Reba McEntire at a Nashville Predators game, and, last summer, I sat behind Wynonna Judd at a U2 concert. Although I haven’t seen her, I understand that Carrie Underwood and her fantastic legs spend a lot of time at Whole Foods.

Never fear, country stars are not the only people seen in these parts. Once, I played pool at a table next to Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban. Also, Reese Witherspoon is a native of Nashville. It seems that artists from all genres and endeavors are attracted to our fair city. Nashville isn’t Los Angeles or New York (thank goodness), but it has its fair share of famous people.

As I chewed my enchiladas, I began to think about this part of the Nashville experience and thought about a couple of encounters of my youth.

When I was a kid, my mom and I spent a lot of time at Opryland, a theme park that used to be here and still should be. One afternoon, we were leaving, and my mom needed to go to the restroom. Being the days when parents could leave children for a few minutes without worrying, my mom left me sitting on a bench and eating an ice cream cone. As I sat, an elderly man perched down beside me with an ice cream cone of his own. He asked a few questions but only got one word answers in reply. It was typical nice old man questions, but I was too shy to say too much.

My mom returned and spoke with him for a few minutes before we went on our way. Once we left hearing range, she asked if I knew who that was. I said that I didn’t, and she told me that it was Roy Acuff. Don’t know who that was? He was known as the “King of Country Music” and was the genre’s first superstar. I had been eating ice cream with a legend.

As a teenager I, like a lot of teenagers in the 80s, hung out at the mall. Unlike  a lot of teenagers in the 80s, I hung out at the bookstore in the mall. One day, I stood in front of a bookshelf, the history section I guess, with my head buried in a book. In the midst of reading, I felt someone walk up behind me and just stand there. It was like they were reading the same book over my shoulder. Honestly, it wasn’t comfortable. I kept reading and hoping they would move when the man behind me yelled for his son. I knew immediately who it was.

I turned my head to say hello, and he replied, “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.” Well, he didn’t actually say that. He said something along the lines of how are you. The most interesting thing was that the “Man in Black” was wearing black sweatpants, a black sweatshirt and white tennis shoes.

So, if you are ever in Nashville keep an eye open. You might see a star. Just remember to act like a Nashvillian and not bother them. That’s one of reasons Nashville is great. Although, it’ll probably be alright to say hello or stare at Carrie’s legs.