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Honors for the Deceased

13 Feb

Awards shows are not high on my viewing agenda. However, I like the times when they show people from their respective entertainment industries who died during the past year. It probably sounds morbid, but it brings back memories of watching or listening to them. It also introduces people who made huge impacts behind the scenes. I don’t know what it is. I just like it.

This week, the Grammy Awards took time with its annual roll call. It included several people who made an impact in Nashville – close to where I live. There was Patti Page, who gained fame with The Tennessee Waltz, and other people who worked on Music Row. The roll call also included two of my favorites who I have written about before.

Andy Griffith was famous for being a comedian and television icon, but he was also an accomplished musician and singer.Andy Griffith Guitar

Levon Helm was famous for being the drummer for The Band, where he was also lead vocal on many of their most popular songs. He was also in a couple of cool movies.The Right Stuff

There were a lot of other people honored in the Roll Call, but it came to a close with an all star rendition of The Weight, one of Helm’s greatest songs.