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Spring Has Sprung

22 Mar

Birds are chirping. Trees are blooming. Grass is getting greener. The signs of Spring have arrived.

People are coming out of their mental hibernation and becoming comfortable active in the outdoors. People are jogging in shorts and t-shirts. People who do not usually exercise are taking walks. People are examining their yards. People are getting their boats out and preparing them for the water. People are walking their dogs.

I saw a couple of people sitting on a small bridge in our neighborhood. Their dog was in the middle of the street spinning on its butt. It seems that every creature gets happier when Spring arrives. Even the flies are starting to buzz around.

However, all creatures, both two-legged and four-legged, should be cautious. Spring may have officially arrived, but the hand of the dead Winter may emerge from its grave in one last attempt to remain.Grave Hand

Later this week, it is supposed to snow.