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Movie Wisdom – Steve McQueen Edition

26 Dec

The other day, my dad and I watched The Cincinnati Kid with Steve McQueen playing the starring role. It was a cool movie that I had never seen before, and it made me start to think about how many Steve McQueen movies I have seen. He is a legend and is known as the epitome of cool, but he has never been on my list of favorite actors. That may have to change.Steve McQueen 2

In honor of this new movie watching experience, I decided to look into the wisdom that can come from watching Steve McQueen movies. As you may know, I have explored the catalogue of other performers in a similar way.  There have been Burt Reynolds, Don Knotts, Kevin Costner, Paul Newman, George Peppard, Don Johnson, Jodie Foster, Tommy Lee Jones, and Ellen Barkin.

The rules are simple. I must have seen the movie, and the wisdom can come from any character in the movie.

From The Magnificent Seven

If God didn’t want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep.

Farmers talk of nothing but fertilizer and women. I’ve never shared their enthusiasm for fertilizer.

Well, the graveyards are full of boys who were very young, and very proud.

From The Great Escape

Tea without milk is so uncivilized.

From The Cincinnati Kid

Gets down to what it’s all about, doesn’t it? Making the wrong move at the right time.

From Bullitt

Integrity is something you sell the public.

Time starts now.

From The Towering Inferno

All fires are bad.

You know there’s nothing that any of us can do to bring back the dead.

From Tom Horn

If you really knew how dirty and raggedy-assed the Old West was, you wouldn’t want any part of it.

Movie Wisdom – Paul Newman Edition

10 Sep

In the past, I have listed the “stuff to live by” that can be found in the movies of Burt Reynolds, Don Knotts and Kevin Costner. This is the wisdom that can be found in the films of Paul Newman.

From Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

There ain’t nothin’ more powerful than the odor of mendacity!

You can’t buy back your life when it’s finished.

A family crisis brings out the best and the worst in every member of the family.

You can be young without money, but you can’t be old without it.

From The Hustler

A 25% slice of something big is better than a 100% slice of nothing.

From Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Don’t ever hit your mother with a shovel. It will leave a dull impression on her mind.

From The Towering Inferno

You know there’s… nothing that any of us can do to bring back the dead.

From The Color of Money

Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.

You gotta have two things to win. You gotta have brains and you gotta have balls.

From Fatman and Little Boy

It’s all about ass, isn’t it? Either you kick it… or you lick it.

From Cars

If you’re going hard enough left, you’ll find yourself turning right.

Respect the classics, man!

Ain’t no need to watch where I’m goin’; just need to know where I’ve been.