One of Those Days

18 Nov

Ever have one of those days that just passed by? One of those days where you get caught up in the humdrum aspects of life, and inspiration does not place itself into your path. That’s what today is, and, honestly, I never thought about these days when I started to blog. I promised myself that I would post as often as possible, and I anticipated posts that would be witty and interesting. I probably haven’t accomplished that with any of my posts, but I am certain that it will not happen today.

So, what do you guys do when you have nothing to write about? Silence…Crickets chirping…

I will tell you about my day.

I woke up this morning to find my girlfriend is a blah mood. She is majorly stressed out at work and has several other issues going on. I knew something was wrong while we were getting ready for the day. She wasn’t her usual chipper self. There was no I love you. Her eyes looked like there was no spirit behind them. She left before I got out of the shower, so I called to find out what was wrong. She gave the standard answers, but I believe there is something in there that she wants to keep to herself.

I got to work and prepared for my first class, the first half of American history for freshmen. They had to turn in an assignment, and, like always, most of the papers were not stapled. I am pretty sure that my stapler is not the only one in existence. However, they all want to use mine. I took those up and began my lecture on the administration of James Buchanan. People don’t know too much about Buchanan, but he held power during an important period of our history, 1856-1861. These were the years leading to the Civil War. He thought that the situation could be controlled. Obviously, James was wrong. I have run into an interesting phenomenon this semester. Since I have been discussing the issue of slavery, the black students seem to be phasing out. It’s as if they don’t want to hear this part. I can’t blame them, but the story has to be told. We don’t want people to forget about the tragedies of the past.

After class, I wandered around the building for a while. Got some chocolate milk at the coffee shop. Bothered Dave in his office. Talked to Fred for a while. Then, it was time for my second class, the first half of world civilization for freshmen. I hate this class. Not the students…not all of the students. I hate the subject. Everyone here is an American historian, but someone has to teach the world stuff. Several years ago I got stuck with it because I had least seniority. Now, I have the most seniority and am still doing it. They watched a film about medieval art that I thought was boring. I am not sure how they sat through it. At least I didn’t have to talk though.

After class, I went to my usual Friday lunch with the “Mafia.” My brother and I have been eating lunch of Friday with my dad and his friends for two decades. It started when my dad suffered a stroke and had to retire. He was getting bored, so we started the tradition to break up his day. We eat at the same table in the same restaurant every week and have gained a reputation as an important group. We have had mayors, congressmen and other politicians come by at times. Apparently, they don’t realize that we are just a bunch of guys that eat, gossip and talk about any mundane subject that comes up. It’s a good group of people even if I don’t see eye to eye with them at times.

Now, I am back in my office and blogging away. The afternoons get quiet on campus. Most classes have already been taught, and students make themselves scarce around this time. I don’t blame them. I may head out soon myself.

My girlfriend is taking her daughter to see “Twilight” tonight. Luckily, I got out of that. She is coming by my house after, and I hope that she is in a better mood. It’s one of those times where I know what I do or say is going to be wrong. That’s the plight of being a man I reckon.

So, that’s a day in the life.

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