Secrets Revealed

3 Feb

Those who have read this blog from its creation know why it came into being. I created it, and, as the number of posts grew, people began to read and some began to follow. I didn’t tell anyone in my personal life about the blog, but it wasn’t like I was keeping a deep, dark secret. It just didn’t occur to me as something to share. I lived my life, and, sometimes, I would get on my computer and write.

Today, I told my girlfriend about the blog. I know. It’s terrible that I didn’t tell the person closest to me. That’s why I told her. People all over the world read my words, and I wanted her to read my words, too. After all, many of the posts have been about my adventures with her.

So, today a secret was revealed, and it made me feel kind of like this guy.

Deep Throat

Deep Throat

With that being said, I welcome my girlfriend as a new reader of Surrounded by Imbeciles. I hope you like reading it as much as I like writing it.

4 Responses to “Secrets Revealed”

  1. Pam Tomlinson February 3, 2013 at 13:15 #

    You didn’t tell your friends about it either. We found it by accident when Larry came into the 21st century and started twittering. I think you play it safe by not mentioning any names. You only refer to people in terms like “my girlfriend”, “my friend(s)”, etc. I understand that over the years the years those people change from time to time — especially the girlfriend; but “my parents” will probably stay the same. I’m just glad I got out of rotary before you wrote about everyone at your table. I’m a little curious though as to how you were able to describe the meeting format from beginning to end when you never stay past the meal.

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    • sj February 3, 2013 at 16:16 #

      HAHA! This should win a commenting award, especially how you got called out in that last sentence!

      • Rick February 3, 2013 at 20:04 #

        Hey now. I don’t need my followers ganging up on me. It’ll take some time for me to come up with a response to that.

    • Rick February 3, 2013 at 21:22 #

      Technically, I’m still in Rotary. However, my schedule precludes me from attending all of the meeting rather than just half of the meeting.

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