What Would Meriwether Do?

4 Jun

We all get interesting search terms on the stats page. Some are funny. Some are weird. Some make you wonder what’s going on out there in the world. Recently, I wrote about one where someone was looking for love in the wrong place. A few days ago, I got a search term that piqued my interest because it was a question about two figures in history with seemingly no connection.

Was Meriwether Lewis related to Jesus Christ?

I know about Meriwether Lewis, and I know about Jesus Christ. I don’t know why someone would ask if they were related. Is there some conspiracy theory out there that I had never heard of? Was the journey of Lewis with the Corp of Discovery an attempt to spread the word of his ancestor?

To find out, I put the question in the good old search engine to see what popped up. Lo and behold, at the top of the page sat Surrounded by Imbeciles. Clicking that took me the my very first Listeria post. A few lines down was a study of the genealogy of the Lewis family with no mention of Jesus.

There is nothing out there that suggests a conspiracy about Meriwether’s lineage. So, what would make a person ask that question?

Do Meriwether Lewis and Jesus Christ look alike?

Here’s Meriwether.

Meriwether Lewis

Meriwether Lewis

Here’s Jesus (the European version anyway)

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

I suppose they kind of have the same nose. Does that family feature continue for 1800 years?

Some more digging was going to be required to look for any similarities between the two.

Meriwether died at the age of 35. Jesus died at the age of 33. That’s pretty close.

They also died violently. Meriwether’s death is an unsolved mystery that took place near Hohenwald, Tennessee. Jesus suffered a public execution at Calvary.

Meriwether was a Freemason. That could be a clue. After all, the Freemasons are descended from the Knights Templar and have continued to protect the lineage of Jesus through the centuries. Perhaps, Meriwether is part of that lineage. Too bad he never got married and had kids. A politician named Jesus Lewis would be hard to beat.

That’s about it. I couldn’t find anything else that would lead someone to ask if Meriwether Lewis was related to Jesus Christ. Now, William Clark related to John the Baptist? That’s another story.

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