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The Problem With Dunkin’ Donuts

19 Nov

There is a Dunkin’ Donuts down the road, and my stepdaughter likes to stop on the way to school. I am happy to do that because she likes it, but I have some issues with the restaurant. The title of this post proclaims that there is a problem with Dunkin’ Donuts. That should actually be plural.

First, it is a breakfast place, but it constantly runs out of breakfast food. Order a bagel, and they are out of that bagel. Order a donut, and they are out of that kind of donut. I do not understand how a breakfast food place could constantly run out of breakfast food. Stock up on bagels. Make plenty of donuts. It is the job of the restaurant to have the stuff available. After all, it is called Dunkin’ Donuts. It is not call Dunkin’ What We Do Not Have.dunkin

Second, people order dozens of donuts. I understand why they do it. It is their day to supply donuts for the office. They may be having a meeting and want to sugar everyone up. However, here is the thing. Each donut does not have to be different. Instead of getting one of each flavor, they should get a dozen of plain and a dozen of chocolate covered. Whenever I see a box of assorted donuts, the plain and chocolate covered ones are always gone. Just stick to the basics and get the stuff ordered.

Third, they do not have change. The other day, I pulled up to the window to pay a $9 tab. I handed the lady a $50, and she said that she did not have change. I asked, “You do not have two twenties?” Then, I asked, “You do not have four tens?” That is when she said that they were not allowed to take something bigger than a $20 until after 11:00.

Here is my message to Dunkin’ Donuts. You are a breakfast place. More people do business with you before 11:00 than after 11:00. The morning is when you need to be able to make change. I know we are moving to a plastic world, but some of us still like to use cash. I cannot imagine a restaurant not having two $20 somewhere.

Again, you are a breakfast place. That means you should be ready in the morning with plenty of bagels and donuts. It also means that you should have plenty of money. At no time have I ever heard anyone say, “Let’s have lunch at Dunkin’ Donuts. It is the middle of the day, and they have plenty of bagels, donuts and change.”