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The Last Walk to the Hay Bale

3 Jun

It is hay-cutting time in these parts, and bales have been scattered behind our house. The other evening, Daisy and I took a walk to one of the bales, and I took this picture.

It was posted on social media, and a lot of people liked it. However, my wife was not happy. She said that Daisy should not be that far from our house because a coyote might get her. We have seen a few of them around here, and we have to be diligent when Daisy is outside. Honestly, I did not think about that when Daisy and I walked to the hay bale. It was daylight, and I was with her.

Later that night, I took Daisy out before bed. A siren could be heard going down the nearby highway. As the siren faded away, we heard the howls of coyotes not far away. The siren had stirred them up. When I say that we heard them, I really mean it. Daisy looked at me and did her business as fast as she could. Like a flash, she was up the steps and at the door.

In other words, we will no longer be walking to hay bales.