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The Last Walk to the Hay Bale

3 Jun

It is hay-cutting time in these parts, and bales have been scattered behind our house. The other evening, Daisy and I took a walk to one of the bales, and I took this picture.

It was posted on social media, and a lot of people liked it. However, my wife was not happy. She said that Daisy should not be that far from our house because a coyote might get her. We have seen a few of them around here, and we have to be diligent when Daisy is outside. Honestly, I did not think about that when Daisy and I walked to the hay bale. It was daylight, and I was with her.

Later that night, I took Daisy out before bed. A siren could be heard going down the nearby highway. As the siren faded away, we heard the howls of coyotes not far away. The siren had stirred them up. When I say that we heard them, I really mean it. Daisy looked at me and did her business as fast as she could. Like a flash, she was up the steps and at the door.

In other words, we will no longer be walking to hay bales.

A Dog Named Whiskers

5 Mar

I have noticed that lot of people blog about their pets. Turtles. Cats. Dogs. Animals seem to make good stories. We have a dog named Daisy.Cancun 214

In that picture, she looks like a devil dog, but she is a good pet. She is smart and tough. I have seen her back down deer, and, one time, she stared down a possum. Daisy is a little dog, but intruders need to watch out if they come around here.

Daisy is the only pet I have ever had. Actually, I had a pet calf once. He was black but had a white face. One day, the calf was gone, and my dad gave me $900 to put in the bank. At some point, I realized that he was auctioned at the local sale barn.

I guess I should say that Daisy is the only pet that I have had for a long period of time. When I was a little kid, my parents bought a dog for me. I have no idea what kind of dog he was. I only remember that he was brown and had floppy ears. For some reason, I named him Whiskers.

He was only a puppy, and he moved around a lot. I can remember playing with him on the back porch. However, Whiskers did not stay around very long. My dad traveled a lot and probably did not have the time to take care of him. My mom still has an intense fear of dogs. When she was a kid, her aunt would babysit her. To keep my mom from leaving the house, her aunt told her that the dogs outside would get her. That left a huge impression.

So, a dad who did not have time to take care of a dog and a mom who was terrified of dogs bought Whiskers for me. That had a happy ending written all over it. I have no idea how long Whiskers was around, but it was not long before he was gone. They must have come to the conclusion that it was not a good idea. Maybe, they felt that I was not playing with him enough.

Whatever the reason, Whiskers was my pet for a short time. I have no idea where they took him, but I have always hoped it was somewhere good. Through the years, I have wondered about Whiskers. Did he have a good life? I hope he did.

Now, we have Daisy, but I have always thought that one day I would have another dog named Whiskers.

I Could Write

12 Feb

I have a couple of posts rattling around in my mind, but I am not ready to write them. The right words have not appeared to me. Actually, they have appeared, but they have appeared at the wrong time. My best and most creative thoughts always come when I am in bed with my eyes closed. They bounce around and lead me into all kinds of directions. I should write them down, but I always remind myself to remember them when I wake up.

The words of the posts have come to me, but I am still not ready to write them. Instead, I have been looking around for something to inspire a post, and it is not happening.

I could write about the Snow Dome that is covering my area. This winter has been bitterly cold and parts of the South have had major snow and ice storms. We have not had anything. Every place around us has been hit, and we have stayed dry. The temperature and the precipitation have always come at different times. Not that I am complaining. A winter without snow is a wonderful thing. It is just weird.

I could write about how it is colder in the building I work in than it is outside. I know it is a big building, but there should be a little bit of heat. People walk around with coats on and hoodies pulled over their heads.

I could write about the FBI being in town. The entire story has not been released, but, a few days ago, a man opened up a package that exploded and killed him. It also put his wife in critical condition. When I heard about it, the Unabomber immediately jumped into my mind. He sent a package to Nashville that killed someone.

I could write about the porn movie that is was filmed in my neighborhood last year. However, I do not have the complete story – only bits and pieces from various sources who did not take part in the filming. I thought porn movies were filmed in mansions. It turns out they are filmed in regular houses, too.

I could write about cows. That is what I have been teaching about in class. Students have been hearing everything there is to know about cattle drives, cowboys, cattle towns and cattlemen. Before it is over, they will be eating more chicken.Eat More Chicken

I could write about Daisy Dog. She moved in when we got married and is a great pet. She always wants to hang around me because I am her favorite human. She licks a lot, but we all have our faults. Despite that, I am sure that I would be kicked out of the house before she would.Cancun 214

I could write about a lot of things, but my mind is filled with words for other posts. At some point, I have to get those words together and on this screen.