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A Dog Named Whiskers

5 Mar

I have noticed that lot of people blog about their pets. Turtles. Cats. Dogs. Animals seem to make good stories. We have a dog named Daisy.Cancun 214

In that picture, she looks like a devil dog, but she is a good pet. She is smart and tough. I have seen her back down deer, and, one time, she stared down a possum. Daisy is a little dog, but intruders need to watch out if they come around here.

Daisy is the only pet I have ever had. Actually, I had a pet calf once. He was black but had a white face. One day, the calf was gone, and my dad gave me $900 to put in the bank. At some point, I realized that he was auctioned at the local sale barn.

I guess I should say that Daisy is the only pet that I have had for a long period of time. When I was a little kid, my parents bought a dog for me. I have no idea what kind of dog he was. I only remember that he was brown and had floppy ears. For some reason, I named him Whiskers.

He was only a puppy, and he moved around a lot. I can remember playing with him on the back porch. However, Whiskers did not stay around very long. My dad traveled a lot and probably did not have the time to take care of him. My mom still has an intense fear of dogs. When she was a kid, her aunt would babysit her. To keep my mom from leaving the house, her aunt told her that the dogs outside would get her. That left a huge impression.

So, a dad who did not have time to take care of a dog and a mom who was terrified of dogs bought Whiskers for me. That had a happy ending written all over it. I have no idea how long Whiskers was around, but it was not long before he was gone. They must have come to the conclusion that it was not a good idea. Maybe, they felt that I was not playing with him enough.

Whatever the reason, Whiskers was my pet for a short time. I have no idea where they took him, but I have always hoped it was somewhere good. Through the years, I have wondered about Whiskers. Did he have a good life? I hope he did.

Now, we have Daisy, but I have always thought that one day I would have another dog named Whiskers.